In this short article I will be talking about UX research Process.

Before diving into what UX research Process is, I will like to explain the meaning of UX research and why it’s so important in our design process.

UX research has been a common thread in the design world…

The Basic Foundation of JavaScript Part 4: (Var, Objects, Arrays, Loop and Functions)

In this last chapter, i will be talking about the core principal engine of the JavaScript Language.

However if it’s your first time here, it’s important that you go through the other three basic series where I…

The Basic Foundation of JavaScript Part 1: (Global and Local Scope)

Photo by African Girls Can Code Initiative


You want to spend quality time, understanding how JavaScript works, what makes our code run the way they do at the background. …

BOX MODEL(A simple guide)

Sometimes starting out to design the Layout of your web page can be pretty difficult, if you don’t really understand how to effectively make use of the box-model.

I was in that position when I started out, one of the major issue I encountered, was properly…

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