UX Research Process

Victoria Agbamoro
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

In this short article I will be talking about UX research Process.

Before diving into what UX research Process is, I will like to explain the meaning of UX research and why it’s so important in our design process.

UX research has been a common thread in the design world of recent times. A lot of tech companies are seeing the need to design products that users actually need than just designing products which users will not use.

What is UX Research

UX research is the process of finding insights to guide your design process. It involves understanding how to design products that needs to be built.

Integrating research in your design process is very important. The success of any product is based on the amount of research that has been put into it. Research helps you design a more human centered product.

In UX research there are methods which will guide your research process when on the field.

In this article I will explaining five important research phases that will help you in research process.

1) Empathy — This process involves understanding who you building the product for. What is the goal of the product and who are your users. This is a crucial and vital part of any research. The best way to understand users is by observation.

2) Define — This stage involves analyzing insights gathered from your research. It involves breaking down all analyses into several processes which includes card sorting, story board, information architecture and user flow

3) Ideate — The third stage involves bringing your ideas to life. After analyzing your insights you want to start bring designs to life. By both high and low fidelity designs. In other to have a real life look of your idea.

4) Prototype — This is the semi last stage of your UX design process. Where you want to test your idea in real time like an actual application using several prototyping tools like Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Protopie and you mention but a few.

5) User Testing — This process involves testing your idea in with real life users. It does not have to be a large user testing. You can conduct a field user testing with about three to five users observing how they interact with the system designs. That way you can have a full overview of your product before development.

In all, the importance of UX research cannot be overemphasized. It’s important that you carry out UX research before launching a product so you can understand your real user’s problem. In other for you to seamlessly focus more on human centered designs then just designing.

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